Top 10 Reasons to hire an interior designer


Do you know what a interior designer does, how much one costs, or why you would hire one? See below for the top ten reasons you should hire an interior designer for your kitchen remodel.

10) I want a functional, well thought out kitchen. 

While most contractors are great at building, they are not designers and shouldn’t be treated as such. Contractors are great at designing details that need to be figured out on site, but to get a professional and well laid out kitchen, you should consult a designer first.

9) I am renovating on a budget.

Yes, a good designer costs money, but a good designer will also save you money. At Designs by Mark, Inc., our designers research the best appliances and hardware to make sure you get quality products at the best price. Designs by Mark, Inc. know the best tradesmen in the Naples, FL area and we demand good deals for our clients.  A good designer will make up for their cost with savings and quality that will add value and longevity to your kitchen.

8) I want to DIY my renovation.

Thats Awesome! You’ve done this before, right? Having a plan and a comprehensive budget never hurts. Designs by Mark, Inc. can create basic or complex construction plans to help you with your project. We can recommend products, retailers and even answer questions as they come. 

7) I have no time to do anything.

After the initial design phase, our design team is available to manage your construction project. That means we basically act as your personal assistant in charge of your renovation. All questions and scheduling can go through one person instead of a handful of contractors. We will keep you in the loop and we’re happy to communicate via email, text, or phone. Your designer can even order your appliances, furniture and window coverings.

6) My Kitchen should look drop dead gorgeous.

If beauty is what you desire, look no further. ‘Free’ design services are just trying to sell you cabinets and don’t really care about the final look. If you demand details and beauty, then work with a designer to achieve that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so using 3D renderings is a great way to get you and your contractor on the same page.

5) This 100 year old house may fall apart at any minute.

We love old houses and prefer to save and restore details if possible. By designing an updated kitchen that looks appropriate in an old house, we can help salvage and reuse some of what you have. Our designer taem also know the old house safety hazards to look out for. Safety is our highest priority.

4) My Kitchen is too big or small.

Scale is important in all kitchens. Designs by Mark, Inc. knows how to maximize space in your tiny old condo. We can also make your Gordon Drive mc-mansion kitchen feel more cozy and updated. Lighting, color, appliance size, and many other details can make or break a large or small kitchen.

3) I want an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchens are totally different to build and maintain than indoor kitchens. Luckily, our design team are pros at designing for the great outdoors. This is the best place to hire a designer because outdoor kitchens are a new market. That means not as many products are available and not as many builders are familiar with them.

2) I know what I like, but I’m not sure if it will work together.

Often times clients want to pick the coolest granite, prettiest backsplash, wildest wallpaper, and best floor tile. Once they see them all together (when the project is complete) they still like the individual decisions, but the overall aesthetic is not appealing. Designs by Mark, Inc. will render your choices before building, so you will know exactly what the final product will look like.

1) Avoid the ‘Home Depot Special’. 

Big box stores are great for many things, but don’t let convenience override beauty or economy. Taking a little extra time to purchase even a few unique items will pay off in the end. Also, taking the time to call around for the best deal can be very rewarding. If you work with a designer, you will end up with a better looking kitchen for a great price.